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Security/Storm Windows and Doors

Security/Storm Windows and Doors in Miami

Our Impact Glass Windows and Doors

At Coastal Shutter and Window we place a priority on safety. Keeping Miami families safe is why we went into the business in the first place, after all. That’s why we not only offer our high-quality hurricane shutters, but we also wanted to make sure we added impact glass windows and doors to part of our repertoire. As you can see, it’s part of our name.

So whether you choose to forego hurricane shutters — which we we highly recommend you don’t do — or you want to supplement your shutters with impact glass windows and doors, Coastal is a one-stop shop for all your storm protection needs. Our highly-trained staff has only one goal in mind, finding, selecting, and installing the right products for your needs and budget.

What do you get from Coastal Shutter and Window impact glass windows and doors?

When we set out to find the perfect impact glass windows and doors for our customers we had to ask ourselves the obvious question… who’s going to give us the safest, most secure glass on the market? We kept — and always keep — safety and security as our first and greatest goal.

We also wanted to give our customers added value by finding windows and doors which would bolster the look and aesthetic feel of their home. A safer, prettier home is not only pleasant to be in and look at, but it will also increase its market value for those who are thinking of selling now or in the future.

That’s why we selected RC Home Showcase. Their products are designed and tested to meet the most stringent of Florida hurricane codes without sacrificing a lick of beauty and elegance. We are proud to carry and install RC Home Showcase glass products because we know when we use them, we’re giving our customers the protection and sense of security they’re looking for.

Why wait to receive the best in hurricane care?

When it comes to protecting your home and family from hurricanes, the best time to act is always right now. Not only will you have the added protection and security you’re looking for, why wait until later to receive the discounts on your insurance policy? If you choose to wait until next hurricane season, it could be 5 or 6 weeks before a contractor can make it to your home for an install. On top of that, if we happen to have a hurricane warning at that time, you may not be able to get your service done before the hurricane hits. By then it’s definitely too late.

So sign up to receive a free estimate from us today. And if you haven’t yet, please consider adding additional protection to your new windows by adding our colonial or bahama style shutters to the outside.

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