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Colonial Shutters in Miami

Colonial Shutters in Miami

An intro to colonial shutters

Coastal Shutter and Window of Miami is pleased to present our premium flagship product, the patent-pending, American-made Clear View ™ colonial hurricane shutter; a home protection system which offers unparalleled strength and beauty.

Our colonial shutter system is an exclusively-held design which is sure to offer you the best in strength and style of any colonial shutter on the market. It’s just one of the many ways Colonial Shutter and Window is blowing the competition out of the water.

If you want colonial shutters that last and increase the aesthetic appearance of your home, then read on to find out if a colonial shutter system is for you.

Our colonial shutter system is a cut above the rest

What sets apart our premier Clear View™ colonial shutter system from the competition is its unparalleled ability to allow high light penetration and unmatched outdoor viewing clarity when closed. This means you can still enjoy the outside world while maintaining the hurricane protection you need.

Our colonial hurricane shutter system also maintains the highest strength and protection capabilities required to be approved by the strictest hurricane building code requirements.

With Clear View™ colonial shutters, homeowners no longer need to sacrifice the outside appearance of their homes by purchasing ugly shutters in dull colors for maximum protection. Our colonial hurricane shutters provide the same — or an even better level of protection — from hurricanes and other threats as those ugly and boring storm panels or poor-quality accordion shutters, but with the added value and benefit of being elegant, well-designed exterior window finishes which will enhance the beauty and accentuate your home’s style. Even if you’re planning on selling or renting out your home, these shutters are sure to provide added value to prospects. Our powder coating process ensures your shutters will look exactly how you want them with over 400 color combinations which are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

It’s a no brainer…

With premium shutters, expert installers, and a free estimate to boot, it’s clear Coastal Shutter and Window is the best choice for colonial hurricane shutter systems in Miami.

If Colonial shutters don’t line up with your needs, please check out our Bahama shutters or request your free estimate here.

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